Shorts & Novellas


A Time For Trees

A US Deputy Marshal, suffering from PTSD, works to save the lives of his scientist brother, pregnant sister-in-law and the woman of his dreams against an ecological event that is turning people into murderous creatures with tree-like features.

Bad Wolf

Avoyelles Parish Sheriff Dalton Coltrane doesn't believe a string of horrid murders is the work of a legendary beast known as a Rougarou, but monsters come in many forms as he soon discovers.


In 1867 Montana, a bigoted deputy marshal reluctantly enlists the aid of a renegade Native American as a guide through hostile terrain in order to safely reach a prospecting camp believed to be suffering a cholera outbreak, only to discover that the dead have risen.

Soldier unDead

A zombified Marine injected with an antiretroviral regains part of his humanity but finds himself caught between human and zombie, and now reconsiders what side he should fight on.

Love Undying

Two detectives are called to investigate a series of bizarre strangulations and weird sightings following an apparent resurrection of a murdered 1960s Vegas entertainer, who returns to life in modern times and attempts to find his teenage lover while exacting revenge on his killers..



When an ancient creature is awakened a Neww York City police officer must reconnect with his Native American roots to help his grandfather destroy this force once and for all.

Pumpkin Face

A taunted boy suffering from Down syndrome comes back from the dead with a pumpkin face to avenge his murderers.

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